About Us

A quick overview


  • Over 20 years of financial services experience
    • Managing Director of a Global Asset Manager <£180bn
    • Board member of network of financial advisers
  • Previous AUM responsibility c£3bn
  • Set up Training Academy +2000 advisers
  • Thirst for knowledge – MA, BSc, FCMI, Wharton EDP, ILM, IMC, FPC, SV1
  • Global experience – London, New York, Seattle, Philadelphia, Washington, Toronto, Paris Milan
  • Passion for Making A Difference

MAD Story

MAD Consulting has been formed to follow my passion for helping others, developed over 20 years in financial services.  I began as a graduate trainee for a large insurance company and more recently as a Board Director of a network of financial advisors and Managing Director of a global asset manager, with a ~£150 billion assets under management.

MAD Consulting cares about others and really wants to Make a Difference to your business to impact positively on its performance and people.  Many successful leaders share this desire to Make a Difference, but time and other constraints mean that it does not happen as they would hope. MAD Consulting wants to fill this gap to help businesses and individuals to realise their potential and ambitions. I believe my background and experience can offer an insight to your business that others may find hard to replicate. 

I have set up a wealth management business as well as creating and launching a business development academy for financial advisors and the subsequent positive impact that has made to many businesses has been an important milestone in my career. It is important to learn from all disciplines and I have spent time with experts in many fields of communication, language, consultancy, sales as well as military thinkers and professional sportspeople.

My broad international business experience extends from London to New York, Seattle, Washington, Toronto, Paris and Milan, with successful presentations being delivered there, for example, about the impact of regulatory change and business development.  In addition I have been interviewed by and written articles for various publications, such as FT Adviser, Professional Adviser, Corporate Adviser and Retirement Planner on various topics within financial services.

I have degrees from Brunel and Sheffield universities and have studied at the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania, along with other professional qualifications in Management, Financial Advice and Investment Management.

French Method ©

MAD consulting believes that it can help you in a number of areas of the business already outlined in this website.  By encouraging you and your teams to be more FRENCH, I believe that your business will ready for any challenges that have to be overcome – in effect your business will be future proofed.

  • Focused
  • Re-energised
  • Execution Minded
  • Nimble to Change
  • Creative
  • Holistic