We Help Financial Institutions

MAD consultancy can help in many areas and can offer bespoke consultancy for your needs and
provide solutions to:

  • What is keeping you awake at night?
  • What are your biggest challenges right now?
  • What are your biggest growth opportunities?

There are many questions that financial institutions need to address quickly to ensure they are ideally positioned for the rapidly changing future, for example, should firms/companies/businesses:

  • buy distribution?
  • build larger teams?
  • build smaller teams?
  • segment their distribution?
  • target wholesale partnerships?
  • invest in technology?
  • build their own platforms or develop robo-advice models?

MAD consultancy has had a broad experience of these issues with over 20 years in financial services and are ideally positioned to give support and guidance. Experience has ranged from a graduate training for a large insurance company and more recently as a Board Director of a network of financial advisors and Managing Director of a global asset manager, with a ~£150 billion assets under management.

An honest assessment of the current situation can be a key component of prioritising and targeting change. We created a Dashboard Analysis Program (see below) to provide a scoring mechanism on the key aspects of your business. This will allow you and us to build a strategic plan with priorities and action.