What We Do

Take a step back

Many businesses lack the time to plan effectively. MAD consulting provides practical help to:

  • Look at your business with fresh eyes
  • Focus on what matters and understand what drives you
  • Review your business positioning
  • Determine the strategic direction of your business
  • Clarify future goals
  • Build a stretching, measurable business plan to take your business forward
  • Manage and implement change
  • Future proof your business to protecting hard earned wealth
  • Position your business for the next phase of growth
  • Helping you make more money

Specifically By:

  • Gaining an in depth understanding of your business by spending time in it
  • Understanding the people in your teams
  • Helping you develop or refresh your business plan
  • Identification of your coaching needs
  • Development of a relevant training program
  • Development and implementation of success metrics
  • Positioning your business for sale, if necessary

Implement Change

Most consultants offer suggestions of what you should do whereas MAD consulting will practically help you:

  • Build action plans to ensure the business plan becomes a reality
  • Ensure there is clear accountability for tasks to ensure plans are completed with no slippage
  • Ensure the team understands and is ‘bought in’ to the direction of the business
  • Identify where coaching is required for you and your team and build a training program
  • Ensure that clear success metrics are in place and there are plans for how you will celebrate success individually and as a team
  • Position the business for sale

Specifically, by:

  • Being involved with your business to complete the tasks
  • Providing structures and processes to manage change
  • Holding the business accountable for change
  • Providing ongoing coaching
  • Constantly reviewing progress

Make A Difference

More and more organisations what to have a wider impact with the teams and within their communities. MAD Consulting will help you:

  • Ensure you and your teams stay FRENCH © – Focused, Re-energised, Execution minded, Nimble to change, Creative and Holistic
  • Build clear and strong business and team ethics
  • Build a brand about embodies your values
  • Identify the people and organisations that you want to help in your community, industry or wider society

Specifically by:

  • Working closely with your team to understand motivations
  • Developing a ‘team plan’ to encourage them to be FRENCH ©
  • Spending time with you and your teams develop a team culture and ethics
  • Ensuring focus remains constant
  • Be being regularly involved in your business
  • By performing the role of non-exec director